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It provides 24 hours test time. After the test period is over, the service you received from us will automatically close. A second test is not given, it is detected with a different rope and the broadcast is closed.


Your information will not be shared with third parties. Your information will remain with us during the package you received from us.


There is no freezing or freezing except for technical problems. (24) If the freezing and even more hours, please contact us.


Your internet speed must be at least 25 mps before you can watch IPTV broadcasts without freezing. You don't have problems like freezing, snapping, etc.


Son Teklif (Max 30 min.)
Western Union (Max 2 Hour)


If you do not like the package you received from us within 1 month, we pay your money back.

Support Instruction

We return to our customers as quickly as possible.
We send your information via whatsapp no later than 24 hours.

Installation on Favorite Devices

To set up an IP TV, select your device from the menu below and see how it is set up.

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